We've leveraged some of the best trainers in affordable housing today, taped some of the most highly-rated sessions at recent annual meetings, and created additional resources we hope will be useful for you, LeadingAge subsidized senior housing providers. 

More of the Housing-specific Topics include:

  • Preserving Your Aging HUD Property - This Session covers the global questions and decisions housing providers must face as their HUD properties near 40-50 years old.
  • When and How To Sell Your 202 Direct-Loan Financed Property - This 12-minute QuickCast provides an overview of why not-for-profit providers might consider selling their 202 direct-loan financed property and the impact of the new HUD Notice H 2013-17.
  • Maximizing Your Section 8 Income - This Session helps affordable housing providers better understand how Section 8 contracts can be protected as well as how rents can be increased in new ways.
  • HUD Management and Occupancy Reviews - This Session guides affordable housing providers through the critical indicators of fraud, waste and/or mismanagement to ensure properties meet HUD goals and the ratings continue to rise.
  • Fair Housing Testers and Cyber Criminals - This Session explores ways affordable housing providers can ensure their fair housing practices and privacy protocols are not vulnerable to unlawful housing discrimination investigations or cybercriminals. 
  • Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Senior Living - This Webinar will explore legal and operational challenges raised by recreational and medical marijuana use by residents and employees of LeadingAge member communities.
  • Techniques for Supporting Residents with Mental Illness - This video series provides important information aging services professionals can use to manage complex situations that may arise when interacting with individuals living with mental illness, including addressing hoarding, depression, dementia, and more.

Coming Soon:

A new QuickCast on Bedbugs.  We welcome your feedback and are always looking for ideas on additional topics, too.