Four Questions Answered on HUD Funding

Legislation | January 12, 2018 | by Linda Couch

We’ve developed and answered four broad questions on the enactment of a final fiscal year 2018 (FY18) HUD appropriations bill.

When will Congress complete the HUD appropriations bill for FY18, which began on October 1, 2017?

Congress’s third Continuing Resolution (CR), a measure keeping federal programs funded at fiscal year 2017 levels, expires on January 19. Congressional leadership is scrambling to negotiate new spending caps for FY18 so an omnibus spending bill, which will include the HUD spending bill, will attract sufficient support for passage. Right now, it looks like Congress will enact a fourth CR, until February 16, and hope to get the omnibus done by then.

Can HUD’s Section 202 program survive until February 16 at FY17 levels?

Yes. LeadingAge understands that HUD believes funding for the Project-Based Rental Assistance and Project Rental Assistance Contracts undergirding the nation’s 400,000 Section 202 homes will remain stable under FY17 funding levels at least until February 28.

Is RAD for PRAC still in the HUD funding bill?

Yes. The expansion of HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration program to include 202s with Project Rental Assistance Contracts (“RAD for PRAC”) is still very much alive. Because the RAD for PRAC expansion is in both the Senate and House HUD DY18 appropriations bills, the provision should be included in any final bill negotiated by appropriators.

Everything sounds good and there’s no need to call my legislators, right?

Wrong. It could be disastrous for funding negotiations to fall apart and have another CR that goes into March or beyond. And, if Congress were to completely throw in the towel and declare a year-long CR, now only would funding levels be extremely insufficient but RAD for PRAC could not be enacted. Call your delegation and remind them how important both increased funding and RAD for PRAC are.