HUD Security/CyberAwareness Annual Training Updated

Regulation | January 05, 2018 | by Colleen Bloom

Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) and TRACS users are required to complete annual security awareness training. The online security/cyber-awareness training was recently updated. Following is a reminder of the requirements, and some details on the changes as reported by a recently recertified user.

EIV users are required to complete online security training annually as outlined in HUD Notice H 13-06.   To meet this requirement, EIV users must complete the new online CyberAwareness Challenge 2018 training program. At the end of the training, EIV users must save, print and maintain the Certificate of Completion provided.   

To complete online Security Awareness Training:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Navigate to this URL
  • Press Enter. This should open to the new CyberAwareness Challenge (unclassified) 2018.
  • Choose Start/Continue CyberAwareness Challenge Department of Defense Version
  • Proceed with the training.

NOTE: When you complete the Cyber Awareness Challenge, you MUST save your certificate immediately as a PDF before you can print it. If you don’t save the certificate when you reach the final screen, you may have to retake the course to access a new certificate.

Who Needs to Take This Training

  • The CyberAwareness Training described above is the same training required for those individuals who transmit TRACS files. If the training has been completed to satisfy TRACS security training requirements, this will satisfy EIV security training requirements as well so long as the completion date represented on the Certificate of Completion is not older than one year.
  • EIV users authorized by owners to have access to the EIV system on their behalf must also complete the applicable online Security Awareness Training Questionnaire for Multifamily Housing Programs upon initial access to the system and annually thereafter.
  •  O/A staff who do not have access to the EIV system but who use EIV reports to perform their job function must have security training annually as described in this section

EIV users should:

Changes Noted in the new Online Training

A recent user shared the following observations about changes between the new CyberAwareness Challenge and previous online security certification trainings:

  • You can't fast-forward through the talking anymore
  • There are some new "games" (3 Little Pigs and the Wolf, Who Wants to Stay a Millionaire)
  • Now you must save the certificate as a .pdf before printing. If you don’t save the certificate when you reach the final screen, you may have to retake the course to access a new certificate.
  • It seems as though you have to get all the trophies to pass -- that is NOT correct. All you need to do is have a check-mark at each line.​​​​​

Otherwise, it's identical (or very similar) to the last version.

System Compatibility and Compliance 

System compatibility issues are critical to successful completion of the training, as follows:

  • Use Windows (not Mac) with an Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox browser. If you use IE 9, 10 or 11 you may have to select: Tools => Compatibility View settings => Add (training website).
  • Save the .pdf of your certificate (valid for one year), required for both EIV and TRACS users. Take the course again before your certificate expires.
  • Print your Certificate of Completion for your files.