About the 2019 LeadingAge Member Survey

Findings from the 2019 LeadingAge Member Survey are now available.

Six new reports paint a portrait of LeadingAge members around the nation and share data about their residents, services, workforce, and technology use. The reports are based on the 2019 LeadingAge Member Survey. The survey achieved a 37% response rate.

A complete look at survey findings can be found in Portrait of Our Members: Results of the LeadingAge Member Survey 2019.

Focused reports offer brief overviews of survey findings for 5 settings:

The 2019 Member Survey provided LeadingAge with important baseline information about the LeadingAge membership. Subsequent member surveys, conducted every 2 years beginning in 2021, will help LeadingAge build on this data infrastructure, track national and state trends in the field of long-term services and supports (LTSS), conduct in-depth research to learn more about specific trends, and share information about those trends with members.


The member survey initiative was managed by the LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston, which convened a cross-function group at the LeadingAge national office. This cross-functional survey team was assisted in its work by the 9-member State Executives Member Survey Task Force. Task Force members included:

  • Tom Akins, president and CEO, LeadingAge North Carolina.
  • Melissa Andrews, president and CEO, LeadingAge Virginia.
  • Kathryn Brod, president and CEO, LeadingAge Ohio.
  • Adam Marles, president and CEO, LeadingAge Pennsylvania.
  • Jeannee Parker Martin, president and CEO, LeadingAge California.
  • Karen Messer, president, LeadingAge Illinois.
  • Mike Rinebold, president and CEO, LeadingAge Indiana.
  • Elissa Sherman, president, LeadingAge Massachusetts.
  • Debra Zehr, president and CEO, LeadingAge Kansas.

For more information about the LeadingAge LTSS Center, go to www.ltsscenter.org.