Adult Day

Providing care for older adults in the community is an important story to be told to congressional offices. Be sure to include your specific community's experience during the pandemic and use these talking points to ask your members of Congress to support providers of services to older adults.

HCBS funding included in Build Back Better: The Build Back Better Act that passed the House had $150 billion dollars to expand home and community based services in states. States would receive a financial incentive to improve the quality of and increase access to HCBS. Remind your legislators of the effectiveness of adult day programs and how increased Medicaid funding for HCBS could be used to grow and improve adult day programs. If there are examples from your state’s American Rescue Plan dollars, cite them because these dollars could be used to continue those efforts. Ask your legislator to support enhanced HCBS funding in whatever version of Build Back Better emerges later this spring.

Workforce: be sure to tell your stories about workforce shortages and workforce mental health issues. It is important for legislators to hear the challenges you are facing as they continue to think about solutions. If there are specific actions you have taken with regards to your workforce that have been effective, tell those stories as well. 

Provider Relief: Discuss the impact of the pandemic on your program. Mention if you have had to close, how you adapted, how long your closure was for (or if it is ongoing). Be sure to discuss your payment structure to emphasize the need for more financial relief for adult day providers given the challenges of closures and decreased attendance even when open. Also discuss what you have spent on PPE and cleaning supplies.