Ageism Resources

LeadingAge Resources

Community Ageism Dialogue Guide

This guide is designed for organizations to help guide meaningful discussions with staff and community members about how to disrupt ageism in the workplace and daily life.

Friends & Family Ageism Dialogue Guide

This guide is designed to help guide families and friends through meaningful discussions about how to disrupt ageism in daily life. 

Dress Like a 100-Year-Old

This letter is used to educate schools and school districts who implement ageist "Dress Like a 100-Year-Old" events on how to create positive interactions with older adults.

Anti-Ageism Quick Guide

This quick guide is designed to help organizations and individuals be mindful of the language and messaging they use around aging, and take steps toward eliminating ageist attitudes, behaviors, and words from our vocabulary.

Aging Unmasked Podcast Episode

For our third episode of Aging Unmasked, host Charlie Visconage speaks with Tracey Gendron from the gerontology department of VCU, Front Porch's Roberta Jacobsen, and listens to your voicemails about ageism.

Beginning the Conversation about Ageism

In this November 2016 LeadingAge article, Jane Sherwin introduces LeadingAge’s new vision, an America freed from ageism.

Community Dialogue Guide-Prompting Discussion about Age and Ageism

This brief guide offers suggestions and discussion prompts for planning and carrying out community dialogues.

Creating Inclusivity in Aging Services

This August 2014 LeadingAge magazine article by Larry Minnix Leadership Academy alumni explores the challenge and opportunity inherent in creating a culture of inclusivity in aging services.

Language Resources

This library of articles and resources addresses the importance of language in our field—and beyond.

LeadingAge 2016 Kathryn Roberts Remarks

In her 15 minute annual meeting remarks, LeadingAge board chair Kathryn Roberts talks about the importance of changing perceptions of aging.

LeadingAge 2016 Katie Smith Sloan General Session Speech

In her 15 minute speech, Katie describes the connection between the work of LeadingAge members and the importance of combating ageism. Read her remarks here. Updating the Language of Aging

This May 2014 LeadingAge article by Jane Sherwin explores the importance of language in our field.

Other resources to explore

Aging in America: Reframing Issues and Impacts

This October 2015 issue of Generations Magazine explores ageism and its consequences.

Fighting Ageism Be Bold, Claim Old

In Amy Gorley’s, 2.5 minute SPARK talk, she encourages us to embrace every age.

FrameWorks Institute

The Reframing Aging project addresses the public’s perceptions of older adults.

Research by Becca Levy

Levy’s work explores the impact of stereotypes on individual health and well-being.

The Wall: How the Arts can Improve Aging

This 3.5 minute animated video by Aroha Philanthropies could be used to prompt conversation about perceptions of aging.

This Chair Rocks

This blog and book by Ashton Applewhite describes the myriad manifestations of ageism and serves as a call to action.

Celebrate the Aging Experience

Video about ageism.