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Aging Unmasked is a new podcast from LeadingAge where we normalize, humanize, and unmask taboos in aging. Subscribe to Aging Unmasked on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Season 2

In this episode, we speak with Anne Weisbrod, Brian LeBlanc, Maureen Rulison, and Deborah Royster.

In this episode, we speak with Tracy Gendron, Kirsten Jacobs, and Mia Mullen about practical ways to diffuse ageism.

In this episode, we speak with Majd Alwan and Joe Velderman about technology trends among older adults.

In this episode, we explore a full spectrum of fitness with author Fred Bartlit, Vitalize 360 coaches and participants (Susan Flashner-Fineman, Chris Young, and Elaine Sidenberg) at Orchard Cove, and Adriana Winters at Knollwood.

Season 1

For our first episode, we explore sex and aging. Our guests include sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer, nursing home sex policy innovator Dr. Cheryl Phillips, and CEO of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale Dan Reingold.

For the second episode, we explore medical marijuana as a medicine for older adults. Our guests include CEO of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale Dan Reingold and Dr. Zachary Palace, Medical Director at The Hebrew Home at Riverdale. We also speak to Paula Querido Kahn, Director of Community Engagement at Takoma Wellness Center and "Jenny", a nursing home resident who uses medical marijuana to treat symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

For our third episode, we discuss ageism. Our guests include Tracey Gendron from the gerontology department of VCU, Front Porch's Roberta Jacobsen, and we listen to your voicemails about ageism.

For our fourth episode, we explore Alzheimer's and dementia. Guests include Brian LeBlanc, Pat Sprigg, and Jessica Peters

For our fifth episode, we explore how aging services providers are working to better embrace LGBT older adults. This is part 1 of that episode.

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Aging Unmasked is produced by Charlie Visconage. Special thanks to Tessa Atkinson-Adams, Amanda Marr, and Marquita Crawford. Our music was generously donated by Matt Chaconas. You can hear more from him here.