Drive for 75: Resources from Week 4

Caregiving Resource | March 25, 2021 | by Dee Pekruhn

LeadingAge Coronavirus Update Calls will feature brief segments called “Drive for 75” to promote the successful vaccination of at least 75% of our aging services providers’ workforce, and as needed, residents, by June 30. We will cover developments in the news, research, and innovative practices that support our members in attaining high vaccination rates.

This Week’s Highlights:

· Volume Nine: Air Date 3.22.21: “Vaccine Acceptance Is on the Rise”

Drive for 75 has some good news to start the week! Two surveys this month of the aging services workforce – one by OnShift, and the other by the National Investment Center – have found that vaccine acceptance is on the rise among employees in senior housing and services settings. The OnShift survey, taken of 2,300 employees this month, found an amazing 94% increase in willingness to take the vaccine, along with a 41% decrease in plans to decline it. The NIC survey, concluded on March 7, also holds promising news: that 81% of residents are now fully vaccinated across senior housing providers, and 55% of staff.

· Volume 10: Air Date 3.24.21: “FOMO and Donuts”

What is FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – and how can it be applied to addressing vaccine hesitancy? All the publicity around people getting their vaccines has inspired researchers to wonder if there is a way to use FOMO to build momentum for vaccination. Some experts have suggested that the rewards programs for those who have been vaccinated may trigger a FOMO response in others and increase the desire to get vaccinated. Creating clear pictures of the ways vaccinated people will be able to get closer to normal life with vaccinated family and friends may also motivate people to want those experiences, too. And what is one sweet example? Krispy Kreme is now offering one free donut per day for the rest of the year to anyone who provides proof of vaccination. What a delicious deal!

· Volume 11: Air Date 3.25.21: “It’s Up to You Campaign”

The Ad Council is launching a $52 million pro-vaccine campaign, in partnership with CDC and more than 300 major brands, media companies and others, called “It’s Up to You.” The “It’s Up to You” campaign takes an empathic approach that affirms personal choice, encourages people to ask questions about the vaccines, and promotes the vaccine as the best way to get back to normal living. “It’s Up to You” campaign efforts drive audiences to a website for answers to the top questions Americans have about COVID-19 vaccines. Content is available in seven languages, serves as an expert information hub and will be updated regularly. The It’s Up to You campaign uses a variety of approaches and voices from all sectors and employs, television, radio, social media and websites to reach out to the wide variety of people who may need vaccine encouragement. You can access the creative assets of the campaign at the Ad Council’s campaign page. Reinforcing the messages people will be seeing widely in the media may help to increase openness to vaccination.