How a Senior Center Uses Panasonic’s On4Care Mobile to Monitor Clients

Center Post

A new CAST case study explores how the “On4Care Mobile” solution from CAST Supporter Panasonic was used to monitor the health of 22 older adults who were clients of Pleasantville Senior Center in Pleasantville, NY.

The senior center provides recreational and educational programs and supportive services to residents 55 years of age and older.  

During the summer of 2015, the Pleasantville Senior Center conducted a pilot study featuring remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology from Panasonic in a mobile, portal configuration known as Panasonic “On4Care Mobile.” Panasonic On4Care Mobile was integrated with the center’s Chronic Disease Management Program to assist in the gathering, storage, and analysis of biometric and behavioral data. 

About the Technology Solution 

Panasonic On4Care is a patient engagement platform that enables communications between medical practitioners, patients, and caregivers. The platform is device-agnostic, and directly accepts input from any Bluetooth-enabled medical device. 

Components of the On4Care system connect to a care hub where providers can:

  • Make triage decisions based on objective and subjective data triggers.
  • Monitor care plans.
  • Manage voice, video, and text-based communications, including remote telehealth consultations.   

The Pilot Study 

Each week, staff at the senior center used Panasonic On4Care technology to electronically capture the vital signs of study participants, including blood pressure, pulse, and weight. This information was securely recorded in a HIPAA-compliant database for clinical analysis and follow-up by qualified nurses who supervised the study participants and helped them manage their conditions.

Preliminary outcomes of the pilot study showed that:

  • Participants initially reporting generally good health had slightly more positive feelings about the use of technology than those initially reporting poor health.
  • A significant majority of patients using remote technology to monitor blood pressure believed telehealth can help maintain a healthy diet. 
  • In general, patients either agreed or strongly agreed that remote monitoring can help with the maintenance of good health.

See the full case study for more findings, challenges, and pitfalls of the pilot study, lessons learned, and advice to others.