Case Study: Ingleside Implements Portal for its Boards

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Ingleside, a LeadingAge Member and CAST Patron based in Washington, DC, has 5 different boards: 

  • 1 for each of its 3 continuing care retirement communities.
  • 1 for its private duty home care company.
  • 1 for its foundation. 

The organization was eager to streamline communication with the 70 members of those boards.

A new CAST Patron Case Study entitled, Enhancing Board Governance, Engagement and Performance through Board Portal Tools, describes how Ingleside implemented the BoardMax solution from Streamlink Software to: 

  • Improve the efficiency of board members and staff.
  • Consolidate and streamline communication and document management.
  • Save printing and shipping costs in a desire to “go green.”
  • Obtain 100% compliance through electronic document archiving.

“Centralizing all board information—board packets, communications, board and committee meetings, agendas and minutes, files and more—makes it easier for board members to find what they need and stay connected to the organization,” says the case study. “It also reduces administrative time and contributes to the organization’s compliance with various regulations.”

About BoardMax

BoardMax is a hosted software solution with several features that were important to Ingleside:

  • Easy access: The BoardMax portal provides board members and staff with online access to confidential board materials from multiple platforms and hardware. This allows board members and staff to securely access board materials from anywhere and at any time.
  • Security: The system features security safeguards that protect confidential documents and prevent accidental email transmissions.
  • Archives: A BoardMax tool allows Ingleside to easily archive and retrieve important corporate documents, such as bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, in a secure place that is accessible to board members and staff.

Implementation Approach

Ingleside first surveyed board members to ascertain their comfort level with technology. Then, the organization designed a training program that was tailored to that comfort level.

The transition from paper to online communication took about 3 months, according to the case study. During that period, Ingleside continued to provide board members with hard copies of documents, in addition to posting them online. 

Board members were encouraged to help one another learn the BoardMax software. Staff encouraged frequent visits to BoardMax by linking email messages to content on the portal. 


The BoardMax portal has helped Ingleside reduce, from 7 to 3 days, the administrative time spent printing and mailing committee and board packets. The organization has also saved $16,500 in annual expenses since it stopped printing and mailing those packets.

Ingleside is in the process of using BoardMax’s built-in tools to improve its compliance with the requirements of the IRS and accreditation bodies, to conduct fiscal audits, and to meet board expectations.

For More Information

Check out the Ingleside case study for more information about Ingleside’s experience with BoardMax and to read about the lessons Ingleside learned during the implementation process and the advice the organization has for others.