CAST Case Study: HealthMEDX

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Illinois-based Lexington Health System selected the Vision® Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform from CAST Supporter HealthMEDX to help it pursue 3 strategic goals:

  • Reduce hospital readmission rates through enhanced care coordination. 
  • Support the Meaningful Use efforts of referral partners.
  • Position itself as the provider of choice within its referral market. 

This HealthMEDX Vision implementation is the subject of a new CAST Case Study entitled “ROI of Full Implementation: Reduced Readmissions and Significant Increase in Referrals.”

EMR Implementation

Lexington decided on a full EMR implementation strategy, which included these components of the HealthMEDX Vision solution:

  • Clinical EMR. 
  • Financial (accounts receivable and billing). 
  • iCare mobile physician access. 
  • Touchscreen solution for certified nursing assistant documentation. 
  • Acute-care interoperability, including an exchange of interoperable Continuity of Care Document. 
  • Reporting and analytics. 


Since the Vision implementation was completed in 2013, Lexington has reduced readmission rates from more than 20% to 9.5% across all of its care settings. In addition, some of Lexington’s skilled nursing settings have seen up to a 500% increase in referrals.

Read the full Case Study to find out about lessons learned during the EMR implementation and advice that Lexington Health Network has for other providers.