CAST has updated its Functional Assessment and Activity Monitoring Technology Selection Tool, which addresses wearable consumer technologies. The updated version includes three additional vendors and a new case study.
The selection tool helps aging services organizations to understand the range of Functional Assessment and Activity Monitoring Technologies available in the marketplace and to plan for, select, implement, and adopt the appropriate technology.
A primer and provider selection guide, an interactive guide, an online selection tool, selection matrix, and case studies are included. LeadingAge CAST offers four additional Technology Selection Tools, which address EHR Technology, Telehealth and RPM, Medication Management, and Shared Care Planning and Coordination.

CAST Members as New Vendors

All new vendors added to the selection matrix and online selection tool are CAST members:

  • iN2L, a LeadingAge CAST Supporter;
  • PointClickCare, a LeadingAge Gold Partner with CAST Focus; and
  • K4Connect, a LeadingAge CAST Business Associate.

Case Study

The new case study shows how Recover Healthcare implemented PointClickCare’s TouchStream Remote Monitoring solution. Its goals were twofold:

  • To enable nurses to chart real-time and more accurately in the homes of patients with chronic, long-term care needs and
  • To track clients’ health electronically to reduce rehospitalizations. 

Recover Healthcare delivers a broad array of personal care, nursing, therapies, and health-related services to over 4,000 clients. It implemented this solution in 20 of their independent living facilities and in patient homes, in Medicare and private pay environments.
The TouchStream solution quickly enabled clients to enjoy prolonged independence and, in many cases, to regain independence with respect to medication management. For example, one TouchStream user has reduced forgotten medication by 35%, improving her adherence to her daily medication routine from 60% to 95%. The system reminds her, audibly, to take her medicine each day and alerts care staff if she misses a dose. Her family has also become more involved in her daily health care, as they now receive an easy-to-understand overview of her important health indicators.
Recover has found the solution is more economical to use with independent clients. This approach allows organizations to maximize their staffing: the technology does most of the work, and a smaller team of care providers can manage any issues.