The very latest healthcare technologies that could one day be in your facility were on display this month at CES. Called the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® show took place Jan. 7–10, 2020, in Las Vegas, NV.
FierceHealthcare articles “What the trends at CES 2020 could mean for the future of digital health” and “A look at the most interesting health tech at CES 2020” shine the light on noteworthy innovations.


Robots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) attended the show, such as the Misty Robotics' self-driving tabletop robot that can detect falls with a camera, a microphone, and 3D sensors. Catalia Health is using its personal healthcare companion robot to test symptom management and medication adherence.

Voice Tech

As AI voice assistant technology moves into the mainstream, it is expected to make a big impact on healthcare. We are getting closer as Google pairs smart locks, lamps, garage door openers, and washing machines with its voice assistant and Lamborghini becomes the first automaker to have Amazon Alexa control comfort settings.


Sensors are slipping in close to the skin. Xenoma's e-skin can monitor older adults and detect falls, and an ECG shirt can track heart health. The e-skin Sleep & Lounge line, made to monitor older adults’ health, is a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree. Myant, which will release Skiin smart underwear in early 2020 to monitor a wearer’s biometrics, won a CES 2020 Innovation Award.
LeadingAge CAST Supporter Philips presented its SmartSleep products at CES. FierceHealthcare noted that Walgreens and Philips are partnering to offer its sleep solutions and digital tools for chronic disease management.
Heart monitoring includes a multitude of smartwatches and devices such as OmronHealthcare’s HeartGuide, billed as the first wearable blood pressure monitor, and a blood pressure monitor with an EKG. Next up will be Omrom Connect 2.0, which will integrate with Apple Health and Google Fit platforms to track users’ heart health, activity levels, and sleep quality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality for older adults is getting a boost from AARP's Innovation Labs, which lets app developers build or integrate virtual reality experiences into AARP’s VR platform, Alcove. Its VRHealth brings physical therapy to the homes of people who have had strokes and Rendever brings engagement to long-term care residents. AARP is collaborating with Sana Health on a wearable that uses pulsed light and sound to reduce chronic severe pain and with VoiceItt, which translates unintelligible speech in real time. AARP Foundation is a LeadingAge CAST Patron.
FierceHealthcare predicts that more consumer technology companies will extend their products into health and wellness.