Learn to Streamline Sales with New CAST Case Study

CAST | May 18, 2020 | by Donna Childress

Yardi solution increases average occupancy rate by 7%.

Thanks to a new CAST case study, you can learn how an integrated software solution for assisted living can substantially shorten the amount of time your sales team needs to track leads. “Streamlining Sales and Increasing Staff Efficiency through Customer Relationship Management Technology” introduces the Yardi Senior Living Suite, by LeadingAge CAST Supporter Yardi. It reveals how this solution increased a retirement community’s average occupancy rate by 7%.

A Sales and Marketing Solution for Senior Living

Senior housing operator Stage Management currently oversees the Golden Pond Retirement Community, a full-service retirement and assisted living community in Golden, CO. With 115 units, Golden Pond has offered housing, personal care, and other senior services since 2004.
Due to time lost in sales paperwork, the staff at Golden Pond realized they needed an electronic solution for their community. After a careful review of multiple vendors, the team settled on the Yardi Senior Living Suite.
The Yardi Senior Living Suite replaces disparate systems with an integrated software solution for assisted living. With Yardi Senior Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a sales and marketing solution designed for senior living providers built into the Yardi Senior Living Suite, providers gain complete visibility into their sales and marketing efforts. Its centralized database eliminates redundancies, allowing lead data to reach the departments that need it most in real time. Staff also eliminated paper-based processes and improved communication between staff.


Stage Management shortened its lead response time twelvefold using Yardi Senior CRM and is now tracking hundreds of leads at a time. Overall, the senior living marketing solution has helped increase the average occupancy rate by 7%. Occupancy has increased from 90% to the 93-100% range.
The solution can also save time and paper, bring clearer lead tracking, and speed outreach to lead. Stage Management estimates that it now saves at least four to six hours per lead and has eliminated 75 to 100 different types of paper documents for prospect records. With greater visibility into active leads, it has reduced time to contact new leads from a full day to within two hours.
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