LeadingAge CAST and Gold Partner with CAST Focus Ziegler’s recent survey of electronic health record (EHR) use among senior living providers was featured in a recent issue of McKnight’s.
In "Large nonprofits outperforming smaller organizations on EHR adoption," published July 21, 2017, McKnight’s reported that more nonprofit senior living and care providers with multiple properties are adopting electronic health records than smaller nonprofit organizations.
In addition, larger providers are outperforming their smaller peers in EHR sophistication, functionalities, and information exchange capabilities.
The survey was a follow-up to the LZ 150, LeadingAge's annual survey with investment firm Ziegler. McKnight’s shared these LeadingAge CAST findings:

  • Nearly 30% of survey respondents had reached the “upper tiers” of EHR adoption, using advanced systems with interoperability and information exchange capabilities.
  • Only 23% of long-term care providers overall had reached this level.
  • Approximately 20% of general long-term care providers have only a basic EHR or information system, compared to 4% of the LZ 150 respondents.

 The article also quoted LeadingAge Senior Vice President of Technology and CAST Executive Director Majd Alwan: “The results did not surprise me at all knowing the quality-driven mentality of these organizations and role advanced EHR functionalities play in driving care quality both within an organization and across the care continuum.”