LG CNS Offers Telehealth Grants 

If you have an innovative telehealth or virtual care idea that could improve the delivery of health care, apply for the second annual LG CNS Innovation Challenge for Telehealth grant.

CAST Business Associate LG CNS is looking for provider organizations that wish to take new approaches to improve, integrate, and innovate their processes and methods of caring for the populations they serve. Examples include telehealth-driven health care delivery innovation, such as leveraging remote monitoring, video visits, risk surveys, medication management, wound care, and more virtual care modalities.

Award recipients will receive a range of technical and consulting services to help their ideas become reality, including the production of video case studies and presentation materials, training, and marketing support. LG CNS also may connect applicants to resources and partners to accelerate innovation, including partnerships with payors, hospitals, and physician groups.

Letters of Intent are due June 1, 2017, at 5 p.m. CST. Download the Request for Proposal.

Prelude Services Pens Articles on Cyber Threats and Payroll Based Journal Reporting

Dennis Stufft, president/CEO of CAST Business Associate Prelude Services, has published two recent articles: one on stopping cyber threats and one on Payroll Based Journal reporting requirements. 

One Little Click is All It Takes, which appeared in a recent issue of Provider Magazine, identifies security concerns, common ways a hacker can get into a system, and how to prevent an attack.

Prevention methods include training employees on what phishing looks like, adding layers and eyes to your network, updating cyber security tools daily, testing backups regularly, monitoring your network constantly, and shutting down systems at the first sign of a threat. 

Network access and system access to all software should be cut off for terminated employees, and they should return all company-owned devices, which should be wiped clean. Organizations also should take precautions with mobile phones, encrypting text messages and the like. The article also recommends organizations outsource their IT, cyber monitoring, and annual risk assessments if internal resources are not available and reliable.

A second article, Human error and PBJ reporting, appeared in McKnight’s and discusses new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements for its Payroll Based Journal (PBJ).

On January 22, 2017, CMS added another fatal error to its list for PBJ. Employee IDs that contain invalid special characters are automatically rejected and will require action to correct. The only special characters allowed are underscore (_), comma (,), period (.), dash (-) and backslash (\). For example (PBJ EMP2). 

The article shares a full list of updated submission specifications.  A full list of all of the error report descriptions are available on version 2 of the PBJ Provider User guide, starting on page 37.

It also shares information on a new CMS guideline for both “hireDate” and “terminationDate” items, intended to alleviate human error. Both of these are now considered optional with submitted files. The “emloyeeIDValue” can now be used more than once, preventing the need to combine data into one line item.