New CAST Case Study: Better COVID-19 Communications

CAST | April 20, 2020 | by Donna Childress

New Connected Living app provides more accurate and timely information, and adoption increases.

During the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, an enterprise communication platform with mobile push notifications improved the customer experience for employees, residents, and families at Waterman Village Retirement Community. A new CAST case study shares the details of the new app from Connected Living, a LeadingAge CAST Supporter.
Next to basic hygiene, accurate and timely information is one of the greatest weapons in the mounting battle against COVID-19 in the United States. Families want clear, precise information from a senior living community. Yet they find it challenging to find critical messages among their many emails and to stop and look for information on a website.
Waterman Village, in Mount Dora, FL, is one of the southeast’s total retirement living community destinations. To address families’ needs, it activated the Connected Living Enterprise Content Management and Communication Platform.
Connected Living’s technology, combined with a robust COVID-19 response kit that any senior living community can access to best reach all their constituents, empowered community staff to distribute crucial updates more efficiently. Families and residents appreciated immediate notification and access to timely information. “Improving System-Wide Communication with Connected Living Enterprise Platform During the COVID-19 Crisis” offers a blueprint for success.

The Connected Living Solution

The Connected Living Enterprise solution is fueled by a web-based, flexible and scalable content management system that delivers content and communication to specific audiences at specific times through many endpoints—a mobile app, digital signage, in-room TV, Alexa-enabled voice products, and the web-based resident network.
Connected Living’s mobile app, available on iOS and Android, functions as a communication hub for seniors and families affected by quarantines or visitation restrictions.
A portion of the app shares the latest senior-specific information and updates from credible sources such as the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and John Hopkins University, along with LeadingAge and senior living trade association Argentum.
As a result, users can immediately access the latest daily information about COVID-19 from Waterman Village and from national, trusted sources.


During a two-week timeframe, the Connected Living Community (CLC) mobile app and Connected Living ecosystem yielded these positive results: 

  • Customer adoption nearly doubled, as accessing critical information when it mattered most became easy.
  • 86 constituents (mostly residents) connected with the community through mobile devices.
  • The number of families opting in for messaging push notifications nearly doubled; opt-ins for community information rose by 150%.
  • 33 residents used their Alexa-enabled smart speakers to find community information.
  • 11 community-created photo albums showcased meaningful 1-1 interactions and brought peace of mind to families, who viewed albums from the mobile app.
  • Staff saved half an hour for each of the 11 alerts—activity reminders or updates—the community sent during this time. Alerts appeared instantly on in-room TV, digital signage, and the mobile app. Staff also saved time entering menu content. 

The community now intends to use Connected Living’s remote programming offerings and Connected Living (CL) University courses to keep residents engaged during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.
For more details, read the full case study.