New CAST Case Study: Tech Brings Human Connections

CAST | May 18, 2020 | by Donna Childress

Robust Wi-Fi from inviacomsm enables life plan community to maximize social engagement software

A new CAST case study shows how technological connectivity can increase the human connection among residents and staff. "inviacom’s Robust Internet Hardware Enable Interactive Engagement Software to Increase Social Interactions at Bridgewater Retirement Community“ makes the case for robust Wi-Fi providers.
Bridgewater Retirement Community in Bridgewater, VA, had implemented software from CAST Business Associate Wellzesta, Inc. to bring increased social interaction, activity, and decreased isolation to its residents. But Bridgewater’s local internet service lacked the necessary speed and bandwidth to accommodate the software's requirements.
When LeadingAge CAST Supporter inviacomsm provided the managed hi-speed, wireless Internet service at Bridgewater, everything immediately changed for the better. inviacomsm met the challenge of delivering a reliable, robust wireless Internet that easily accommodates the demand of Bridgewater’s residents and staff. Once inviacomsm was operational, user engagement of Wellzesta’s software at Bridgewater rose to 95 percent. The resident and employee feedback at Bridgewater was swift and positive.

The inviacomsm Solution

inviacomsm provides secure and reliable Wi-Fi that transforms an entire property into a Wi-Fi hotspot—edge-to-edge campus coverage with no signal drop-off. It assesses, implements, designs, engineers, installs, services, maintains, upgrades, and provides ongoing customer support for its services.
Unlike any other provider, blanketwifism from inviacomsm utilizes two separate Internet sources—a fiber backbone and a redundant copper line—that provide dynamic, seamless, and consistent hi-speed Internet coverage. The previous off-the-rack, local Internet connection used copper coaxial cable only.
Also unlike any other provider, blanketwifism from inviacomsm accounts for the possibility that every resident, guest, and employee is online all at the same time. The inviacomsm solution accomplishes this without sacrificing bandwidth, because it installs four separate networks that do not overlap or intersect.
“In order for the user experience to be powerful, our platforms are best partnered with strong Internet service providers like inviacom,” said Kyle Robinson, Wellzesta Director of Business Development.

Bridgewater’s Success

inviacomsm designed, installed, and monitors 24/7 an exclusive wireless internet service that permeates the Bridgewater Retirement Community campus, inside and out. Users access dedicated, hi-speed internet in their own apartments as well as poolside with equal ease.
Due to inviacomsm, blanketwifism, and Wellzesta, Bridgewater residents and employees can freely engage in online social interaction that studies have proven to be integral to mental and physical well-being.
This partnership also improves the experience of guests and future residents. Bridgewater’s guests connect to the “outside” with no interruption to internet service, which provides further incentive to visit Bridgewater. These visits help to improve residents’ state of mind. Guests can share their “outside world” with residents seamlessly and reliably.
Wellzesta even offers its services to residents who are scheduled to move into participating Life Plan communities that use its software to illustrate the benefits prior to move-in day. “It hastens the move-in process and helps future residents acclimate,” says Robinson. “Our high-tech solutions actually encourage and foster higher levels and occurrences of personal engagement and connection.”
For more details, read the full case study.