Benchmark Senior Living has an innovative solution to the challenge of turnover. It has begun using predictive analytics to hire employees who seem to have the right skills and be a good cultural fit for the organization. A data-analytics product by Arena, based in Baltimore, MD, is the secret to its success.
A recent article in Senior Housing News, "Providers Using Same Tech as Amazon, Netflix to Lower Staff Turnover," noted that Arena's technology has a similar approach to Netflix, which predicts which movies its viewers want to see next, and of Amazon, which predicts what shoppers may want to buy next.

Less Turnover Guaranteed

Arena predicts how a job applicant will do in a senior living position. This ability is highly valuable. The most recent Assisted Living Salary & Benefits Report from the Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service pins the national assisted living turnover rate at 31%, and other recent research indicates that approximately 65% of caregivers are “always looking for a better job.”
Arena guarantees that it can reduce senior living organizations’ turnover by at least 10%. Its actual achievement is much higher; it drops turnover by a median of 38% across all of its healthcare clients, and higher at senior living providers, says the article. The main catch may be accessibility, as job applicants who don't speak English well may have trouble using the system.

How It Predicts a Worker’s Staying Power

Arena collects data from three different buckets, the first being third-party data, which refers to “all of the data out there in the world on somebody,” Arena founder and CEO Mike Rosenbaum told Senior Housing News. Second is application data, or what employers would find on an applicant’s resume or cover letter, and third is data collected when an applicant takes a survey of sorts.
“We’ll ask some questions that are designed to look a particular way that’s not familiar to a job applicant,” Rosenbaum was quoted as saying. “We’re collecting their keystrokes, what order they do something in, how long they hover over particular questions…. We’re generating predictions of the likelihood of particular things happening for particular job applicants.”

Impressive Results in Senior Living

Benchmark Senior Living’s implementation started in January, with the system expected to go live in April. Sunrise Senior Living in Virginia Beach, VA, had used Arena to such good results—with hires identified by Arena turning over at rates double digits lower than hires that didn't get the nod—that Benchmark decided to follow suit.
Apparently, they are not alone. Arena currently has fewer than 10 senior care clients, but all are large, and more senior living partnerships likely will be announced in the coming weeks.