Residents Need Robust Wi-Fi and Tech Support

CAST | November 03, 2020 | by Donna Childress

Senior living organizations are uniquely positioned to support residents in using health and wellness technologies.

As the pandemic continues, robust Wi-Fi and staff support for residents new to technology have become important for senior living, says a recent guest column in McKnight’s Senior Living.
While social distancing has increased the threat of resident loneliness, senior living can provide solutions. “How to engage senior living residents through technology” outlines several options. Author Anne Davis is the director of quality programs & Medicare strategy at HMS, a healthcare technology, analytics, and engagement solutions company.

Enhanced Wi-Fi

An enhanced Wi-Fi system that gives residents a stable wireless connection is essential for communities, Davis noted, because it enables older adults to use devices that will improve their health and wellbeing.

Resident Technology Support

Senior living professionals must help residents learn to feel comfortable with—and use—technology that can improve health.
As Medicare payment rules and HIPAA privacy guidelines around telehealth have relaxed, Davis wrote, senior living professionals are in a unique situation to help residents set up devices for telehealth appointments. Residents may also need a hands-on introduction to health and wellness solutions or social engagement tools.
“Ultimately, enabling residents to engage in telehealth services may encourage their additional use of technology,” Davis wrote. “From connecting with family members to using online tools for medication management and even exercise, having access to technology and the ability to use it will be paramount in remaining physically and mentally well.”

How to Help

Senior living professionals can help residents choose from among many social engagement tools, which can be an overwhelming task for older adults. Staff can offer residents socially distanced group activities. Staff can coordinate with virtual community resources that help residents use virtual communication tools. Communities also can explore easy-to-use, senior-friendly tools.

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