Robots and AI in Senior Living

CAST | September 14, 2022 | by Donna Childress

Learn how to use these critical tools at two LeadingAge Annual Meeting + EXPO sessions.

In today’s senior living, robots and artificial intelligence are handling a variety of tasks, from the simple to the complex. The upcoming LeadingAge Annual Meeting + EXPO, to be held Oct. 16-19, 2022, in Denver, CO, has special sessions on both topics.

Robotic Applications

LeadingAge member Messiah Lifeways, a continuing care retirement community, is tapping robots to handle chores like housework and yard work. A robotic vacuum, called Roving Rosie, and a robotic lawnmower, Mr. Mow It All, are helping leverage technology to supplement the workforce by enabling staff to focus on other tasks, according to an article in McKnight's Senior Living.
A Seniors Housing Business article, “Transformative Tech Products Emerge,” quoted CAST Commissioner Joe Velderman on the success of the Ohmni Telepresence robots that Cypress Cove, a LeadingAge CAST Patron, uses for remote check-ins with residents in skilled nursing and memory care. Cypress Cove also brought robots into its dining rooms, which saved workers so much time that Cypress Cove raised servers’ pay by 40-50%. “How Robots Are Aiding Senior Living,” a recent Tech Time article, shares more about that experience and other robotic applications.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

Seniors Housing Business also mentions innovations such as KamiCare, a camera system that utilizes AI for falls detection and alerts, and Caregiver Aware, which detects unusual motion based on Wi-Fi signal distortion. The article discusses Ella from TapRoot, which presents customized non-drug interventions to calm people with dementia and integrates with electronic health records. It also mentions a mobile app and Fusion OS operating systems from K4Connect that manage apps for food delivery, healthcare monitoring, smart home devices, and the like.
Majd Alwan, Ph.D., CAST executive director and senior vice president of technology and business strategy at LeadingAge, told Seniors Housing Business that AI can find early signs of Parkinson’s disease and dementia by identifying changes in a person’s tone of voice. Alwan also noted that Wi-Fi should be considered a utility.

Upcoming Sessions: Robotic Applications and Artificial Intelligence in Aging Services

To learn more about applications of robots and artificial intelligence in senior living, come to the LeadingAge Annual Meeting + EXPO, to be held Oct. 16-19, 2022, in Denver, CO. Insightful sessions will tell you more.
Robotic Applications in Aging Services (Session 9-G)
Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022
11:00 a.m. – Noon

Robots are becoming much more capable, reliable, and affordable, making them ripe for incorporation into aging services communities as staff helpers and extenders. This session will provide an overview of the most promising robotics applications and shed light on how these applications can help your organization supplement, support, and enhance its workforce by driving efficiencies and reducing or eliminating redundant activities.
Learn more about physical robotic applications that have shown promise in healthcare, hospitality, and aging services. Explore the adaptations that providers have made to processes, operations, and staffing as they welcomed robotic technology to their organizations. Learn about the costs, benefits, and efficiencies that robots could bring to your organization.
The following experts will present:

  • David Finkelstein, CIO, RiverSpring Living
  • Deidre Kinsey, Chief Executive Officer, Longhorn Village
  • Joe Velderman, Vice President of Innovation, Cypress Living
  • Majd Alwan, SVP of Technology and Business Strategy/Executive Director, CAST, LeadingAge
  • Shawn Fontaine, General Manager of Dining Services CCRC, Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line

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Navigate Your Data Maze with Artificial Intelligence (Session 12-J)
Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022
8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

In this session, providers of aging services use an array of software applications, spreadsheets, forms, and databases to help them manage medical records, admissions, accounting, human resources, and resident engagement. Employees tasked with navigating this information maze often find themselves spending countless hours completing mundane and duplicative tasks.
This session will present an alternative: artificial intelligence (AI) bots that automate daily tasks and allow employees to spend their time on more valuable and productive work. The speakers will show you how AI-driven automation technology is helping providers of aging services deliver valuable experiences for residents and clients while improving the efficiency of back-office teams. You’ll take home tips to help you jumpstart your organization’s AI journey.
The session will feature these expert speakers:

  • Majd Alwan, SVP of Technology and Business Strategy/Executive Director, CAST, LeadingAge
  • Travis Gleinig, CIO, United Methodist Communities
  • Vipin Bhardwaj, CEO, NuAIg

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