UV Lights Installed to Prevent COVID-19

CAST | August 17, 2020 | by Donna Childress

Long-term care facilities are putting ultraviolet lights in their heating and cooling systems to purify the air and kill airborne pathogens.

A bright new technology to fight COVID-19 is being installed at NexCare Health Systems and the Wellbridge Group in Brighton, MI. Ultraviolet (UV) light will be put inside the heating and cooling (HVAC) systems in three long-term care facilities by the end of August, McKnight's Long-Term Care News reported. The remainder of the 26 facilities are expected to have the UV lights by year end.
The UV lights will be placed in the air handling units or air ducts and will sanitize air as it passes through the system. The lights are expected to kill airborne pathogens that transmit illnesses such as COVID-19, according to a statement by Expert Lighting Group President Eric Hansel, the equipment installer.
McKnight’s shared two studies supporting the use of UV light as a purifier, including a study reported in Science Daily that found a far conventional UV (far-UVC) light killed more than 99.9% of seasonal coronavirus in airborne droplets. Previously, the researchers had shown that far-UVC light can safely kill airborne influenza viruses. The seasonal coronavirus tested recently is structurally similar to the virus that causes COVID-19.
This finding is significant because far-UVC is a type of ultraviolet light that is safe for people and can be used in occupied spaces. In contrast, germicidal ultraviolet light can kill airborne viruses but can damage human skin and eyes. It can only be used in empty hospital rooms, subway cars, etc.