Deadlines Looming for 3 Important Industry Surveys

Corporate Partners | April 10, 2018

Deadlines for the 2018 State of Seniors Housing Survey and the 2018 LeadingAge Salary & Benefits Studies are coming up fast.

Add to the knowledge base about aging services organizations by completing several important surveys about your life plan, assisted living, or housing community. Don’t delay! Deadlines for all the survey are coming up fast.

All the studies are being conducted in cooperation with LeadingAge.

2018 State of Seniors Housing Survey

April 16 is the deadline for participating in the State of Seniors Housing Survey.

LeadingAge partners with Argentum and other stakeholder organizations in gathering financial performance data for senior housing communities. Properties eligible to participate include assisted living, life plan communities, and non-subsidized senior housing.

We are urging as many LeadingAge members as possible to complete the survey, since the size of the sample will determine the quality of the report generated.

If you have any difficulty with the survey, please contact Colleen Blumenthal.

2018 LeadingAge Salary & Benefits Studies

April 23 is the deadline to participate in the 21st annual CCRC Salary & Benefits Report published by Hospital and Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS), in cooperation with LeadingAge. The study will be published in June 2018.

HCS is also conducting a Nursing Home Salary and Benefits Study. Deadline to participate is the nursing home study is May 7. The report will be published in July 2018.

LeadingAge participants will be eligible to purchase the results of the studies in which they participate at a reduced price.

Questionnaires are available on the HCS website. Please email or call (201) 405-0075 with any questions.