Emergency Preparedness Rule Guides

Emergency Planning Checklist

CMS developed this tool for persons in long-term care facilities and their family members, friends, personal caregivers, guardians, and long-term care ombudsmen.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Long Term Care Homes

This checklist was developed by the Survey & Certification Division of CMS to evaluate current preparedness plans for every emergency.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist for all Providers

The CMS at-a-glance chart can help planners identify and address planning gaps and facilitate compliance with the regulations.

Conducting a Tabletop Emergency Preparedness Exercise

Description: Federal Emergency Management Agency website provides links to examples of tabletop exercises that organizations can utilize and adapt in preparation for emergencies.

Newly Released: CMS Interpretive Guidance

CMS released an Advanced Copy of the final interpretive guidelines and survey procedures that support the adoption of a standard all-hazards emergency preparedness program for all certified providers and suppliers. The final CMS guidance will be incorporated in the State Operations Manual (SOM) within the next several weeks. This guidance also addresses the unique differences of other providers and suppliers.

Long-Term, Home Health, and Hospice Care Planning Guide for Public Health Emergencies

The Long-Term, Home Health, and Hospice Care Planning Guide for Public Health Emergencies was developed by the CDC to help improve the planning efforts of these healthcare entities and their coordination and integration within the community. This Planning Guide focuses on six topic areas: situational awareness, continuity of operations, facility or agency operations, crisis standards of care, staffing, and fatality management. Each topic area is presented in a manner that allows the user to develop needed sections in a facility or agency’s emergency preparedness and response plan. Tina Danka, Presbyterian SeniorCare was involved in writing this guide.

Exercise Program (Design, Evaluation, Facilitation)

This document provides information on the discussion- and operations-based exercises that are critical for healthcare providers, public health agencies, and other community stakeholders to use to evaluate the efficiency and efficacy of policies, plans, and procedures in meeting emergency preparedness response goals. They can also be used to determine whether equipment, training, and facilities are adequate. The document also includes the proper evaluation of any exercise provides the necessary data to revise/reinforce existing policies, plans, procedures, training, facilities, and/or equipment.

Hazard Vulnerability/Risk Assessment

This document provides the resources to do a Hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA) and risk assessment that includes systematic approaches to identifying hazards or risks that are most likely to have an impact on a healthcare facility and the surrounding community.