Bill to End Mandatory Nurse Aide Training Lock-Out Needs Cosponsors

Legislation | October 09, 2018 | by Barbara Gay

The Nursing Home Workforce Quality Act, H.R. 6986, would make the certified nursing assistant training lock-out discretionary, rather than mandatory. In addition, the lock-out would end when the nursing home corrected the deficiencies that had led to the lock-out. 

Under current law, nursing homes that are assessed penalties above a certain level automatically lose their authority to train certified nursing assistants (CNAs) for 2 years. This CNA training lock-out runs counter to a nursing home’s ability to provide the highest quality of care. 

The Nursing Home Workforce Quality Act (H.R. 6986) has just been introduced in the House of Representatives. The bill would end the mandatory lockout. Rather than this arbitrary 2-year penalty, CMS and the states would have the discretion to impose a lockout under certain conditions; and any lockout imposed would end once the deficiencies citied are corrected.

By allowing nursing homes to regain their nursing assistant training authority as soon as deficiencies have been corrected, this new legislation will facilitate quality improvement in our nation’s nursing homes. Now is the time to use your voice and help us build momentum for this new legislation.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wisconsin). We now need more House members to sign onto the legislation as cosponsors in order to move the bill to the House floor for a vote.

Please contact your legislators and urge them to support this important legislation.