New QuickCast Explores Rent Proposals

Legislation | July 10, 2018 | by Linda Couch

A new, seven-minute QuickCast on recent rent reform proposals for HUD-assisted residents has been produced by LeadingAge and is available in the newly-launched Learning Hub.

This QuickCast is a fast way for members to get up to speed on HUD and Congressional proposals to change how rents of HUD-assisted residents, including older adult residents, would be calculated. 

As part of its fiscal year 2019 budget proposal, HUD has proposed to do away with medical expense deductions for older adults, change the definition of what it means to be an "eldery household" for purposes of rents and work requirements, which are also in HUD's proposal, and a shift from calculating rents at 30% of adjusted income to 30% of gross income, among other changes.

Congressman Dennis Ross (R-FL) has also proposed changes to rents for HUD-assisted residents. The QuickCast reviews the HUD and Ross proposals, both of which LeadingAge strongly opposes.

"Proposed Rent Reform for HUD-Assisted Residents," can be found in LeadingAge's Learning Hub, under Hub Products.