Adult Day

Providing care for older adults in the community is an important story to be told to congressional offices. Be sure to include your specific communities' experience during the pandemic and use these talking points to ask your members of Congress to support providers of services to older adults.

Even the Medicaid LTC Environment: Congress should reclassify the optional HCBS benefits to mandatory status and ensure that older adults who need adult day services can receive this support.

Current Medicaid law allows home and community-based services like adult day services as optional benefits, but access to these services is not guaranteed like nursing home care or other mandatory Medicaid benefits.

Federal LTSS funding: Congress should pass an ongoing increase in the Medicaid FMAP for all LTSS, including Adult Day Services, of ten points. The coming years will see significant increases in the number of older adults in the United States and increased demand for LTSS among this population. To ensure that state systems have the capacity to provide this care, including with respect to the workforce, this increase is needed.

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