LeadingAge Magazine · May-June 2018 • Volume 08 • Number 03

Testing Affordable Housing Plus Services Innovations

May 16, 2018 | by Gene Mitchell

A conversation with Kim Brooks of Hebrew SeniorLife and Elissa Sherman of LeadingAge Massachusetts on 2 demonstrations of housing-plus-services models.

In Boston, MA, 400 residents of 7 affordable senior housing properties are in the middle of a demonstration project, “Right Care, Right Place, Right Time” (R3), designed to establish a sustainable and replicable model of supportive housing with services. For background, see the 2017 article, “How Hebrew SeniorLife Plans to Bring Wellness to Housing,” on the LeadingAge website.

The project is being evaluated by the LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston.

At the same time, LeadingAge Massachusetts is preparing to launch a pilot with the Long-Term Quality Alliance (LTQA) that would coordinate the work of onsite housing staff (e.g., service coordinators and wellness nurses) with care managers employed by health plans to bring wellness programing to those plans’ clients in senior housing communities. Another goal is to find a model for sustainably financing onsite wellness staff.

We spoke with Brooks and Sherman in May 2018 to learn the latest about these 2 projects, and to learn why they are both so committed to marrying housing plus services for low-income residents’ benefit.



00:46: Introduction to Hebrew SeniorLife

01:45: Kim Brooks on what inspired the “Right Care, Right Place, Right Time” demonstration program

03:17: Vision and goals of the project

04:00: Who is involved in R3, and who does it serve?

06:00: How does the program work?

07:50: What outcomes are sought, and how is data tracked?

09:29: What is the role of participating health plans?

10:40: Timeline for the program and evaluation

10:57: Next steps

11:50: Elissa Sherman on the LeadingAge Massachusetts/LTQA initiative

16:57: Brooks and Sherman make the case for housing plus services

Gene Mitchell is editor of LeadingAge magazine.