Introduction and Guide to the Summary

LeadingAge and the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) wanted to provide a summary of the National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness (“National Strategy”) put out soon after the inauguration of President Biden. One way to characterize this document is a roadmap of all the ideas and goals for building and maintaining a national strategy for COVID-19 response, recovery, and future pandemic planning. The Administration has put together an outline of a legislative proposal that contains some of the elements of the National Strategy – that can be found here and is referenced as the “American Rescue Plan.” The Administration also continues to issue a number of executive orders – some related to the National Strategy and some not. The elements of the Executive Orders relevant to the National Strategy that matter to LeadingAge members are addressed in this document.

The National Strategy is organized into 7 goals

  • Restore trust with the American people
  • Mount a safe, effective, comprehensive vaccination campaign.
  • Mitigate spread through expanding masking, testing, treatment, data, workforce, and clear public health standards.
  • Immediately expand emergency relief and exercise the Defense Production Act.
  • Safely reopen schools, businesses and travel while protecting workers
  • Protect those most at risk and advance equity, including across racial, ethnic, and rural/urban lines
  • Restore U.S. leadership globally and build better preparedness for future threats

We provide a top level summary of the key actions contained within each goal below and examples of tactics to accomplish the goals that matter to our members.

Please click HERE to access the entire summary.