Adult Day Participants: Medical Needs Survey Results

Members | September 09, 2015 | by

The Long-Term Care Statistics Branch at the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) disseminated information from the 2014 National Study of Long-Term Care Providers survey in their publication, QuickStats: Percentage of Adult Day Services Center Participants, by Selected Diagnoses -- National Study of Long-Term Care Providers, United States, 2014. 

Their findings helps us better understand the medical needs of the individuals served in adult day services centers.

Diseases in Adult Day Services

Of the 6 diagnoses tracked in the 2014 survey for Adult Day Services, participants had the following diseases: 

  1. 44% had cardiovascular disease. This was the most common diagnosis among adult day services center participants
  2. About 30% of adult day services center participants had a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia
  3. 30% had diabetes
  4. approximately 25% had an intellectual or developmental disability
  5. 25% had depression 
  6. 10% had severe mental illness. This was the least common diagnosis 

This information reinforces the importance of adult day services, as a means to care for individuals in the community who are high risk of needing more costly institutionalization.