Adult Day Services Week Begins September 16

Members | September 11, 2018 | by Barbara Gay

During the week of September 16 through 22, please join us in celebrating the adult day services programs that make a critical difference to thousands of elders' ability to continue aging in place.

These services also provide vital support, education, and respite for family members who often must balance an elder's need for assistance with other family and employment responsibilities.

According to the National Adult Day Services Association:

  • Adult day services providers serve 150,000 people every day;
  • 78% of adult day services centers are not-for-profit;
  • 70% of adult day centers are affiliated with a larger organization like a nursing home or home care agency;
  • 52% of adult day center clients have some cognitive impairment;
  • Adult day services clients have an average age of 72 and two-thirds of clients are women.

Now in its 35th year, National Adult Day Services Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of the availability and accessibility of adult day programs nationwide.

See this announcement from the National Adult Day Services Association –, which includes suggestions on ways to convey the importance of adult day services’ work.

LeadingAge has 581 members who provide adult say services. The state with the largest number of these programs is Minnesota, with 106. Other larger state partners in this category include New York, Kansas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Oklahoma. We commend all of our members who work to make this service available to elders and their families.