Just down the road from Hop Meadow Country Club in Simsbury, CT is McLean, a LeadingAge member LPC that takes its inspiration from the bucolic natural beauty that embodies the campus. Like many other LPCs, McLean offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support and Health Services – and is embarking on an expansion.

Cozy cottages are tucked away beneath the protective watch of Heublein Tower, aptly called a “hidden gem” on Talcott Mountain. McLean also offers great supports and services to the larger community, including an adult day program, support groups, a community café, Meals on Wheels, and an interactive, experimental space called the McLean Smart House. But what uniquely sets McLean apart is this: just a short drive from the wooded campus is an unusually stunning attribute of community life: The McLean Game Refuge.

The Game Refuge was established in 1932 by Senator George P. McLean, the namesake of the McLean community. Spanning over 4,410 acres of pristine wilderness, the Refuge “includes cold water streams, trap rock ridges, open meadows, and a uniquely diverse array of forest [trees] comprised of over sixty species.” McLean residents enjoy hiking the trails, watching the birds, or perhaps picnicking in the breathtaking landscape that is home to rare and endangered wildlife.

A native of Simsbury, CT, Sen. McLean had a “vision for a natural park where plants and animals could thrive without degradation from human activity.” In 1932, he created the Refuge from his private hunting lands, and that gift has been preserved for posterity ever since. Present day, the Refuge engages in various forms of ecological research, such as tick sampling, regional bird migratory patterns, and a 40-year assessment of vegetation.

We give our heartfelt thanks to McLean for being our Member Discovery this month. Learn more about the Refuge, its conservation efforts, and the natural habitats it preserves.