A recent lawsuit has heightened the need for nonprofits to ensure their websites are accessible to people who have disabilities. Website accessibility is also an important way for organizations serving older adults and people with disabilities to be inclusive of all residents, patients, families, supporters, and more. 

The report is based on this year's survey of more than 15,500 service providers. Data is broken down to show costs on an annual, monthly, and daily basis according to provider type and by state.

According to the report, the median cost of a semi-private nursing home room nationwide is $89,297 per year. Median costs ranged from a low of $55,663 per year in Oklahoma to $351,495 annually in Alaska.

The median costs for assisted living are $48,000 per year nationwide; adult day services - $18,720; home health - $50,336; homemaker services - $48,048.

Gary Walker, president and CEO of Walker Marketing, presented the webinar, Successfully Marketing Adult Day Services on Nov 12, 2015 at 2:00 PM EST. View the recording and power point presentation


Learning Objectives:  

  • Develop messages that fit your target audiences- Caregivers, Discharge planners, Physicians, etc. 
  • Learn how to leverage the media to improve the understanding of Adult Day Services 
  • Create an engaging website and social media plan to promote your Adult Day Center 
  • Understand how to define key marketing performance indicators to track success and continue to fine tune your marketing plan 

Marketing is an important component of operating a successful adult day center. According to MetLife, the majority of adult day centers maintain a balanced budget; 17% reported an annual deficit, and 13% report an annual profit.

With the increased challenges in funding under Medicaid, Veterans Administration, and Older Americans Act, we could see a dramatic increase in the percentage of adult day centers that have an annual budget deficit. 

We find that adult day providers have been extremely successful with managing expenses, although more stringent regulations of the adult day services providers in some states have created more of a challenge to remain financially viable. 

In a survey of a sample LeadingAge adult day members, we found that marketing was 1 of the 3 main challenges for adult day providers. As adult day providers are providing services for a more frail, clinically complex population, there is a need for a marketing plan to maintain census. 

We will be providing webinars throughout the year on marketing adult day services, and we encourage members to share their marketing questions and best practices on the LeadingAge Adult Day Services listserv.

We are pleased to work with Gary and his firm on this webinar, who has spent over 30 years working with clients in the long-term care industry, including adult day care, home care, assisted living, and skilled nursing. Their clients have included the nation’s largest adult day provider as well as local and regional providers. 







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What are seniors looking for in 2015? 

With the number of seniors connected to the internet and active in social media climbing, digital expectations are higher than ever. 

Having a solid marketing strategy, both traditional and digital, for senior living communities has never been more important.

Your organization’s best marketing tool may be a website that doesn’t try too hard to market your organization. 

Sound counterintuitive? Not necessarily.

Marketing research suggests that consumers don’t often respond to direct marketing messages. That’s because they get too many of these messages—a whopping 2,900 every single day.

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