The Warm Handoff: Ethical Considerations in Transfer of Care

August 18, 2021
2:00 PM EDT


Challenged by transfers of care between hospitals and post-acute care facilities? You are not alone. Administrators and nursing leadership in both settings struggle. What previously required only few key pieces of information about a patient has evolved into a complex process with multiple opportunities for failure. Risks exist that are associated with inaccurate or incomplete transfer of information affecting resident and patient safety, resulting in the potential for harm. In this session, risk areas related to transfers between post-acute settings will be reviewed along with practical strategies providers can implement to mitigate this risk.



1. Identify risk areas related to transfers between post-acute settings
2. Explore the negative effects on quality and safety surrounding transitions in care
3. Define the “warm hand-off” and how the interdisciplinary team can utilize this approach in transfers of care
4. Identify strategies to managing the risk of transitions of care between post-acute and long-term facilities in order to proactively identify, prioritize and mitigate potential uncertainties


In order to obtain Nurse or NHA CE Credits for this session:

• The learner must register & attend webinar individually – groups of participants cannot be accommodated
• The individual learner's computer must be logged into GoToWebinar for the entire time
• The learner must complete a session evaluation at the conclusion of the webinar and within 7 calendar days of the CE activity


Note: At this time only live events are eligible for CE credit; no credit is available for on-demand or replay events

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