Voting Resources for 2020 Elections

2020 is a major election year and the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that voters can access the polls this year. It is imperative that aging services providers consider the changes that are happening this year and help to overcome obstacles that may exist for older adults to access a polling place or obtain and submit a mail-in ballot.

LeadingAge has developed a “What’s Your Voting Plan” toolkit that provides an easy to use self-assessment for both aging services providers and older adults to develop a plan to vote for this year’s election. You can download the toolkit here.

Civic Action Center

LeadingAge has also developed an online Civic Action Center that will provide accurate and reliable information about voting and the upcoming election. By visiting members of the public will be able to:

  • Check their status as a registered voter
  • Provide tools to register to vote in the voter’s home state
  • Give access to the forms and deadlines to request a mail-in (absentee) ballot to be submitted through the mail or dropped off at an election collection point
  • Find out the location of their local polling station
  • Learn about the candidates running for office in the upcoming election

Many states have started mail-in voting and early voting will be starting soon. Download our “What’s Your Voting Plan” toolkit today and ensure that you have a plan to make your ballot count this election