Ask Governors ASAP: Include HUD Sec. 202 in Vaccine Distribution

Regulation | November 03, 2020 | by Linda Couch

Governors and state health departments should ask the CDC to include HUD Section 202 Housing for the Elderly on states/ priority distribution list for the CDC’s long term care vaccine pharmacy partnership program. Requests should be made to Governor and state health department offices as soon as possible.

The CDC is working to help states distribute an eventual COVID-19 vaccine to long term care communities via a pharmacy partnership program. States may follow the CDC’s eligibility priorities, which are still being fine-tuned, or may tell the CDC which types of long term care communities should be among the prioritized provider types.

Advocates are urged to ask Governors to include HUD Section 202 Housing for the Elderly affordable housing communities in states’ long term care program eligibility priorities for the CDC’s pharmacy partnership program. Advocates can share this list of the number of Section 202 units by state with their Governors and state health departments with the simple request, “Please include HUD Section 202 Housing for the Elderly on our state’s 1b priority distribution for the CDC’s long term care vaccine pharmacy partnership program.” The amount of vaccine available will determine how many priority groups receive the vaccine via the pharmacy partnership.

LeadingAge has worked to educate the CDC about the frailty level and age of Section 202 residents, and the CDC is open to including Section 202 communities in their priority distribution plans. But, to help ensure this happens, states must request that HUD Section 202 Housing for the Elderly communities be included and / or individual Section 202 communities must sign up via the CDC’s pharmacy partnership online form by November 6.

Time is of the essence: requests to Governors’ offices and state health departments to include the Section 202 program should be submitted ASAP, preferably by the November 6 deadline as the CDC will soon thereafter begin to map out vaccine distribution plans.

Every state has hundreds, and often thousands, of Section 202 apartments, many of whose residents would be in assisted living if they could afford it or would be in nursing homes if they did not have the independent living with coordinated, community-based services that are available to them in Section 202 communities.

List of state Governors' offices.

List of state health departments