Fannie Mae Calls for Ideas on Healthy Affordable Housing

Regulation | October 09, 2018

In response to health risks that are worsened by the presence of toxins and molds in homes as well as inadequate accessibility features, and to spur creative solutions to support low and moderate income households, Fannie Mae has announced a $10 million innovation challenge,

The Innovation Challenge welcomes applicants to propose ideas that respond to one or more of the following problem statements:

  • How might we use innovative technology and design to improve affordable homes to better support health, promote overall wellness, or prevent disease and illness?
  • How might we leverage finance vehicles to incentivize the creation of affordable homes that promote health and wellness?
  • How might we foster design that promotes diverse, sustainable, multigenerational affordable communities in which all individuals can remain a vibrant part of their community through every stage of life?

The deadline to submit ideas is November 1, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. PT.  For more information about The Innovation Challenge and to apply, please visit the Innovation Challenge Website