HUD announces Service Coordinator COVID-19 payments

Regulation | September 02, 2020 | by Juliana Bilowich

Applications due to HUD by 9/11; HUD staff answer member questions during LeadingAge call.

On September 2, HUD announced that CARES Act awards for grant-funded Service Coordinators are now available in GrantSolutions. Grantees must go into GrantSolutions and complete the on-line SF-424 application for Federal Assistance by 9/11/20.

The CARES Act funds are in the process of being allocated to existing Service Coordinator grantees under two distinct supportive services programs: 1) Service Coordinators in Multifamily Housing (SCMF) and 2) the Congregate Housing Services Program (CHSP)The payments will go toward Service Coordinator grantees that experienced, or expect to experience, increased expenditures between March 27, 2020, through December 31, 2020.

The CARES Act allocations for Service Coordinators were previously announced by HUD in July. More information about the CARES Act allocation for Service Coordinators is available here.

Next Steps for Service Coordinator Grantees

Detailed instructions to apply for the federal assistance, as well as timelines and dates, are available from the agency here.

  • Grant Awards: The supplemental awards will be equivalent to 9% of their SCMF/CHSP FY2020 program operating budget.
  • Application Deadline: 9/11/2020 at 11:59pm EST
  • Acceptance of Notice of Award: The authorizing official must access GrantSolutions and accept the award no later than 5 business days after receipt of notification. GrantSolutions is sending notification emails to eligible grantees.
  • Spending Plan will be due: Grantees must submit a spending plan via Grant Notes/Application to the assigned grant specialist within 20 days after acceptance of the award.
  • Availability of Funds: Once the spending plan is approved by the grants specialist, the funds will be available within 3 business days.

LeadingAge hosts call with HUD staff

On September 9th, LeadingAge and the American Association of Service Coordinators  hosted a call with members and with HUD staff overseeing the payments. Two key agency staff from HUD Headquarters addressed member questions ahead of the application deadline. 

  • On timing, HUD staff said they are aiming to process the applications before the end of the fiscal year (end of September). Following the approval of an application, HUD will notify a grantee of an approved award, and the grantee then has 5 buisness days to accept the award. 
  • On spending plans required by the CARES Act payments, HUD staff said that following the acceptance of an award, grantees will have 20 business days to submit a spending plan to HUD. Those spending plans can be amended if absolutely necessary by submitting a justification to the assigned grant specialist. 
  • On process, HUD staff said that the payments will be handled by the regular grant specialist; they will also be the point of contact for any status updates on the paments. If members have continued issues with the payments, please reach out to, who will connect members to headquarters staff. 
  • On payment eligibility, HUD staff clarified that the payments are only available to grantees with a current 2020 grant extension. The names and contract numbers of the eligible grants have been listed in HUD's instructions. If you are not listed in the instructions but beleive you should be eligible, contact your grant specialist immediately. 
  • On delays, HUD staff said that those grants who have a pending 2020 extension should still apply for the payments by the deadline. If someone missed the deadline, HUD will consider accomodating those applications on a case-by-case basis. 
  • On eligible uses, HUD staff reiterated the instructions provided that outline specific eligible uses of the CARES Act payments. These categories include labor costs, local travel, trainings related to COVID-19, cancellation fees for conferences and events, technology, remote work capabiliy investments, systems for communicating with residents, supplies and equipment (including PPE), and other expenses. Some of these expenses may fall outside of the approved grant budgets. 
  • On amounts, HUD staff clarified that grantees should apply for their total anticipated expenses related to COVID-19 from the period of March 27 - December 31st, not to exceed 9% of their operating budgets. If the costs are lower than expected, recipients should notify HUD immediately so that HUD can use the funds for other purposes. 
  • On payments for budget-based service coordinators, HUD staff said that a second round of COVID-19 Supplemental Payments (CSPs) would be issued in the coming months. The first round of CSP payments, which address COVID-19 expenses for general operating accounts and budget-based Service Coordinators for the period of March 27th-July 31st, is currently being processed by HUD; the next time period will be announced by HUD soon.