HUD establishes national disaster response team

Regulation | September 08, 2020 | by Juliana Bilowich

HUD's new Multifamily Disaster Response Team is responsible for all aspects of the agency’s response to major disasters.

As hurricane and wildfire season continue to threaten affordable housing communities and residents, HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing has established a new disaster response team. HUD will soon announce a stakeholder call about the new effort.

According to HUD, the Multifamily Disaster Response Team (MFDT) works in concert with HUD’s larger disaster response team. The purpose of the MFDT is to ensure the safety of residents and facilitate a coordinated response to the impact of disasters, including disasters that generate a Presidentially Declared Major Disaster declaration. The team currently consists of regional and headquarters staff who volunteered to take on these responsibilities.

Support from the team includes disaster preparation, evacuation planning and other means of keeping residents safe, and facilitating property damage assessments. The MFDT helps to direct local stakeholder outreach and is responsible for all aspects of a PDD event response for MFH. Duties can include (but are not limited to):

  • Local outreach to properties
  • Property assessments, recovery efforts and activities
  • Displacement monitoring and tracking
  • Communication with FEMA, REAC and PBCAs
  • Technical assistance
  • Coordination with mission assignment teams on resident displacement
  • Property restoration process and insurance claims
  • FIDA – TSA match list verification
  • Reporting requirements

In addition, this team is responsible for all servicing actions on properties with moderate and severe damage, until the property has returned to normal operations, and all disaster recovery actions have been completed.

Stay tuned for more information on HUD’s upcoming stakeholder call regarding disaster response. Read about how LeadingAge members are responding to disasters during the pandemic, or view our recent article on HUD and CDC disaster preparedness during a pandemic.