HUD responds to LeadingAge concerns about evictions

Regulation | September 22, 2020 | by Juliana Bilowich

In their September 19th letter, HUD commended LeadingAge's work on behalf of older adults and outlined the agency's efforts to prevent evictions and support providers during the pandemic. 

In response to a recent LeadingAge letter requesting quick action on eviction protections, HUD sent LeadingAge a letter outlining the agency’s measures to reduce evictions during the pandemic. Dated September 19th, the letter commends LeadingAge for our work on behalf of older adults, and responds to our concerns about much-needed resident and provider support. 

After the President issued an Executive Order on housing stability in early August, LeadingAge sent a letter requesting that HUD and other federal agencies take action to immediately implement order. In early September, the CDC determined that homelessness and housing instability are detrimental to COVID-19 risk mitigation; the CDC issued an agency order to prohibit evictions for households financially impacted by the crisis.

HUD's letter to LeadingAge describes a HUD communication, sent to senior housing providers on September 8, encouraging them to work with residents to help them stay stably housed. According to HUD's letter, the agency's stakeholder guidance encouraged owners to communicate with residents about the new CDC order. "The guidance also encouraged Multifamily property owners and management agents to inform residents of the eviction protections under this order and the required declaration form."

However, the letter also addresses limitations for housing providers in helping residents access eviction protections. "A resident cannot be required to complete the declaration but will not have the CDC eviction protection with it," reads the HUD letter.

LeadingAge’s letter had also requested HUD action to financially support housing providers through an extended eviction moratorium; in its response, HUD reiterated the uses of CARES Act funds, and announced an extension of COVID-19 flexibilities available to providers.

"To further assist owners during the coronavirus pandemic, HUD has extended additional flexibilities in the use of project funds to address unanticipated problems," says the HUD letter, which was sent by Toby Halliday, the Director of HUD's Office of Asset Management and Portfolio Oversight (OAMPO).

LeadingAge will continue to partner with HUD to support both residents and providers through the next phases of the COVID-19 crisis.