LeadingAge takes stock of HUD progress during COVID-19

Regulation | July 15, 2020 | by Juliana Bilowich

LeadingAge takes stock of HUD’s progress in helping senior housing communities and their residents stay safe through the pandemic.

During the first three months of the COVID-19 health crisis in the U.S., the aging services field has seen a flurry of regulatory activity, including for affordable senior housing. LeadingAge worked in partnership with HUD’s Multifamily Housing and Recapitalization teams to meet the needs of housing providers serving older adults, who are at higher risk of the virus.

Supporting Senior Housing Communities

Throughout the crisis, HUD moved quickly on certain critical housing issues, like allowing properties to access to reserve accounts for nontraditional uses during the crisis, and management flexibilities to keep interaction with residents at a minimum.

However, HUD has been slow to provide much-needed funding for unbudgeted COVID-19 expenses, subsidy extensions for delayed unit turn-over, and waiver authority for streamlined operations, among other flexibilities needed. LeadingAge is also urging the agency to apply lessons from the current health crisis to housing and services delivery approaches for the future.

Taking Stock of HUD Progress

As LeadingAge continues to press HUD for urgent actions to support housing providers serving older adults, we’ve taken stock of the progress, and the outstanding actions, needed from HUD.

The LeadingAge June 10th progress chart on HUD’s COVID-19 regulatory response is categorized by management operations and financial support for providers, which the overarching goal of supporting resident health and safety at communities across the country. The chart also outlines the status of the action from the agency, and includes links for members to access more information on each regulatory item.

**Note: We've updated this chart on July 10th to reflect recent agency actions on service coordinator funds, vacancy claims, and inspections. Access the updated HUD Program Chart.** 

We will keep this chart, and our regulatory requests of the agency, updated as the crisis continues. Members are encouraged to reach out to your LeadingAge housing team and to MFcommunications@hud.gov directly with challenges and successes experienced at your communities.