New & Extended Provider Relief Fund Opportunities

Regulation | August 03, 2020 | by Nicole Fallon

HHS announced an extension of the application deadline for Medicaid, CHIP and dental providers to August 28 as well as new opportunities for some Medicare providers and those who experienced a change in ownership. 


  • Medicaid, CHIP & Dental Distribution: HHS extended the deadline to August 28 for eligible providers to submit their application for these funds. LeadingAge encourages all members who are paid by Medicaid, Medicaid Managed care and/or through Medicaid waivers to apply unless their tax identification number has already received General Distribution dollars. Payments are based off a percent of patient service revenue (across all revenue sources not just Medicaid). 
  • Medicare Providers:  On August 10, HHS will reopen the process for Medicare providers, who missed the June 3 deadline to submit their financial information, to submit this additional information. By submitting this additional revenue information to HHS, providers will be considered for an additional General Distribution payment from the $20 billion. This second payment when added to the first payment (received in April) would total 2% of their annual revenue. The application time period will run from Aug. 10 -28. It is presumed, though not yet confirmed by HHS, that providers will submit this data through the General Distribution portal. 
  • Change of Ownership (CHOWs): Finally, HHS announced a new opportunity for providers that experienced a change in ownership in 2020. In these cases, the prior owners likely received the initial Provider Relief Fund payments as they were based off of 2019 data. Therefore, the new owners have been prevented them from receiving a Provider Relief Fund payment until now. These providers will be able to submit their revenue information and change in ownership documentation to be considered for a Provider Relief Fund payment. It is not clear yet what portal providers should use to submit this data. The application opportunity opens on August 10 and runs through August 28. 

We anticipate HHS providing additional information on how Medicare and CHOW providers can toapply for funds through their FAQ document in the coming days.