Provider Relief Application Deadline Extended to Sept 13

Regulation | August 27, 2020 | by Nicole Fallon

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) noted on its Provider Relief Fund(PRF) website August 26 that providers now have until Sunday, September 13 to apply for the Phase 2 General Distribution from the PRF.

As a reminder, in mid-August, HHS modified which providers are eligible to apply for the Phase 2 General Distribution to include not only the Medicaid, CHIP and dental providers but also clarified and added the following: 

  • Providers who received Phase 1 General Distribution payments are NOT disqualified from applying for Phase 2;
  • Medicare providers who received prior Phase 1 payments (does not include SNF Targeted Distribution payments received in May) that did not equal 2% of their gross patient service revenue for their Tax Identification Number(TIN) as reported on their most recent Form 990s;
  • Medicare providers who missed the June 3 deadline to submit their financial information to HHS and didn’t receive a 2nd payment under Phase 1;
  • Medicare Part A providers who had a 2019-20 change in ownership and as such, have not yet received a PRF payment

Members are encouraged to review all of the eligibility criteria prior to applying for new or additional funds on the PRF website for providers along with details about applying through the PRF Application and Attestation Portal

Finally, providers need to know that they only need to complete the first step in the application process by the new September 13 deadline, which is the TIN validation process.