Provider Relief Fund Attestation Deadlines Extended into July

Regulation | May 26, 2020 | by Nicole Fallon

HHS announced late in the day on May 22 that it was again changing and extending the attestation deadline to give providers 90 days from receiving a Provider Relief Fund payment to attest to the terms and conditions.

Providers who received their first payment on April 10 would now have until July 9, April 24th payments deadline will now be July 23 and May 22 payments -- the recent SNF-only targeted distribution -- until August 20. What remains unclear from this announcement is whether June 3 is still the last possible day for providers to submit financial data in order to be eligible for a second General Distribution payment, as was announced on May 20.  If the June 3 deadline remains for the second payment eligibility, providers who have not yet received the second payment would need to attest by this earlier deadline as providers must complete the attestation step prior to submitting financial data through the General Distribution Portal. It is also unclear if this extends the time for providers to return funds received currently set at 45 days from receipt of payment for ACH payments and 60 days for providers who received paper checks.