"Robust yet Feasible": LeadingAge Weighs in on HUD Physical Inspection Overhaul

Regulation | January 25, 2021 | by Juliana Bilowich

As HUD moves forward with its NSPIRE overhaul of physical inspections, LeadingAge creates a workgroup of senior housing providers to inform HUD's changing approach to inspections and reviews in HUD housing.

In the coming year, senior housing providers and residents can expect far-reaching changes related to the way that HUD inspects and reviews housing communities. Both physical inspections and file reviews have been adapted during the pandemic and will continue to adapt; at the same time, a comprehensive new HUD approach for physical inspections is on the horizon, impacting the senior housing setting for decades to come.

Help LeadingAge advocate for a robust yet feasible HUD oversight structure for senior housing communities by joining our "HUD Oversight Workgroup":

  • Inform and respond to HUD’s changes to physical inspections and file reviews in senior housing
  • Participate in monthly 45 minute small-group discussions with senior housing peers
  • Produce actionable input on HUD compliance oversight mechanisms
  • Advocate for robust but feasible oversight and accountability structures and supports in HUD housing

Workgroup topics for discussion and HUD feedback will include:

  • HUD’s recently proposed physical inspection changes (feedback due by March 15th)
  • Ongoing changes to physical inspection standards in senior housing
  • Requirements to self-inspects all units annually and to report electronic self-inspection results
  • Applicability of differing inspection and review requirements in properties with mixed financing
  • File compliance and maintenance approaches during the pandemic
  • Unique needs and characteristics of the senior housing setting

To join the HUD Oversight Workgroup of LeadingAge housing provider members, email jbilowich@leadingage.org. LeadingAge will also soon announce separate workgroups related to internet connectivity, resident services access and coordination, and meal programs.