Ruth Katz

Senior Vice President of Public Policy/Advocacy


Ruth oversees our Public Policy team and is responsible for developing, leading and overseeing the successful execution of LeadingAge’s public policy agenda, including legislation and regulation. Based on the Board approved public policy agenda, and in collaboration with state partners, Ruth oversees the development of LeadingAge’s public policy positions and employs strategies to advance LeadingAge’s policy agenda through Congress and the Executive Branch. She ensures thoughtful analysis of policy options and direction and activates the membership to achieve the LeadingAge agenda through grassroots efforts. Ruth exercises a leadership role on senior staff and among the membership constituencies of the Association, including the Executive Forum and Policy Congress. She is a principle spokesperson for the Association’s public policy positions and is a primary representative of the policy agenda to other organizations and coalitions concerned with policy issues affecting LeadingAge membership.
Prior to joining LeadingAge, Ruth was a longtime executive at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) with a focus on development and execution of policy research and analysis for programs in aging, long-term care and disability. Ruth built her career at HHS’ office of the assistant secretary for planning and evaluation (OASPE) and the office of disability, aging and long-term care policy (ODALTCP). In her dual roles as the associate deputy assistant secretary and the director, division of aging and disability, she led, directed, and coordinated policy regarding OASPE/ODALTCP’s disability, aging, Medicare, and long-term care policy agenda; managed staff; and oversaw policy research.