Vaccination Toolkit

This set of tools are designed to assist leaders in preparing for the COVID-19 Vaccination process.  The tools include a Leadership Implementation Checklist which will guide leaders through specific topics for consideration when planning for the COVID-19 vaccination process as well as two training tools with speaker notes, to be used by your organization – providing vaccination overview and specific guidance needed. These tools are based upon current guidance and will be updated as the vaccination process continues to evolve.  

Tools and resources are for LeadingAge members only. You will need your email and password to access these documents through the

  1. COVID Vaccination Plan and Implementation Checklist (updated 5/20/21)
  2. COVID Vaccination Training for Licensed Nursing Staff (updated 5/20/21)
  3. COVID Vaccination Training for Leadership (updated 5/20/21)
  4. COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Procedure for Res Outside Provider (updated 5/20/21)
  5. COVID-19  Vaccine Policy Employees (updated 5/20/21)
  6. COVID-19 Vaccine Resources to Become a Vaccination Provider (updated 5/20/21)
  7. COVID-19 Vaccine Nurse Competency Checklist (updated 5/20/21)
  8. COVID-19 Vaccine Training Plan (updated 5/20/21)
  9. COVID-19 Vaccine Post Test (updated 5/20/21)
  10. COVID-19 Vaccine Post Test Answer Key (updated 5/20/21)
  11. COVID Vaccination Training for Facility Staff (updated 5/20/21)