Train Nurses to be Managers with NurseLEAD

Workforce | May 26, 2020 | by

Promoting nurses to be leaders in our fast-changing environment? Register your staff for “NurseLead” (Nurse Leadership Enrichment and Development), an online training program to help charge nurses and team leaders become more effective coaches, leaders and supervisors of frontline staff. Nurses play a critical role in our settings by motivating, teaching and improving the skills and performance of nursing assistants – but many aren’t prepared to take on this role. NurseLead was designed to address this gap. 

The program includes the following courses:

  • Leadership: Different leadership skills, how to develop these skills, and how to apply them in long-term nursing care.
  • Coaching and Supervising: Effective techniques for working with CNAs.
  • Critical Thinking: The importance of critical thinking, effective approaches and techniques to critical thinking, and critical thinking barriers and facilitators.
  • Communication: How communication between nurses and staff can sometimes go awry, and steps for communicating more effectively.
  • Managing Conflict: Understanding the negative impact of staff conflict in long-term care, and techniques to turn conflicts into useful experiences.
  • Diversity: An overview of how people differ, how the work environment can be enriched by differences, and how to be understanding and respectful of differences.
  • Working With Management: How nurses can work together with management, and techniques for communicating with management.
  • Evaluation: A learning assessment intended to measure your learning and to help you remember important concepts

The program also includes an implementation guide and companion activities to provide nurses opportunities to learn and practice new skills at their own pace. Find this program on the Learning Hub here.