YOU Rock Recognition Program


Although Presbyterian SeniorCare Network in Pennsylvania has a recognition program that focuses on staff who consistently perform beyond expectations for an entire year, there was not a Network program that recognized single acts of outstanding person-centered care or performance. Presbyterian Senior Care Network includes 53 communities that provide a variety of services, and 2,000+ team members serve approximately 6,500 older adults annually.


In 2018, the Network Recognition committee revamped a program that was developed originally by the Network’s housing communities. This program, called YOU Rock, was introduced as a Network-wide recognition program under the CAREacter Awards umbrella. (All Network-wide awards fall under the umbrella name – CAREacter Awards.) YOU Rock is a quarterly program that “spotlights excellence.” This effort was undertaken in partnership with the Communications Department and with the support of the Executive leadership team.

Implementation Details

YOU Rock bulletin boards are placed throughout each Network location. These boards include a poster describing the program, nomination forms, recent winners list, and space for completed nomination forms. Nominations are welcome from any Presbyterian SeniorCare Network employee as well as from residents, resident family members, visitors, vendors, and caregivers. Winners can select from 4 prizes with the Presbyterian Network logo - a stainless steel tumbler, vented umbrella, hooded sweatshirt, and laptop backpack.

Areas of Recognition (not an all-inclusive list):

  • Superior customer service
  • High quality work product
  • Leadership
  • Performance Improvement
  • Cost Reduction

Program Administration:

  • The YOU Rock program is administered by the Recognition Committee member and the HR leader for each campus/service line. Together they coordinate the administrative and technical duties of running the program.
  • Nominations are submitted via standard forms available at all buildings and posted on YOU Rock boards at the campus/location.
  • The leadership team for each location/service line will participate in the award decision each quarter.

Program Eligibility

  • All Network team members not under disciplinary action, full and part-time or casual, are eligible to participate in the program.

Winner Selection and Awards/Award Selection:

  • At each campus/location the Recognition Committee member(s), HR leader and member(s) of the leadership team convene within 3 weeks of the quarter-end to determine a quarterly winner.
  • The winners are recognized in their department/on their neighborhood with a recognition certificate as well as a prize selection sheet.
  • Once the winner selects their prize, they turn in the prize selection sheet to their HR leader to receive their prize.

Factors for Success:

  • Establish a Recognition Committee that consists of members from each campus/location.
  • Schedule consistent Recognition Committee meetings via phone to ensure successful communication of the program.
  • Obtain buy-in from all levels of the organization.
  • Determine the value of prizes based on company affordability.
  • Develop a strong communications plan for every step of the way.


  • Overall increased employee morale and loyalty, which leads to higher overall productivity and retention.
  • This program encourages staff members from all levels to focus on all the amazing things that are done daily by their co-workers and provides a way to recognize that high level of commitment to Making Aging Easier. (This is the Network tagline that refers to the person-centered care and service they provide.)
  • Research shows that those who are recognized for exemplary performance are more likely to continue to perform at that level; in addition, recognizing exemplary performance in front of others also encourages others to imitate that exemplary performance.
  • Over the last 18 months, as the program has become more widely recognized, nominations have increased from not only team members, but especially residents and family members. This has provided for many more opportunities to recognize all team members who have been nominated at daily huddles and other meeting opportunities. Catching people doing something good, and pointing it out in front of others is really the best way to encourage others to do the same.

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