HUD Official Mentions “Potential Resurrection of the 202 Program”

Legislation | December 19, 2017 | by Linda Couch

Lynne Patton, HUD Regional Administrator for the New York / New Jersey region, mentioned the potential resurrection HUD’s Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly program during a forum in New York City hosted by the New York Housing Conference.

Except for $10 million in production and/or preservation funding in fiscal year 2017, Congress has not funded new construction for the Section 202 program since 2011. New funding for the Section 202 program is a priority for LeadingAge and a reference to the program’s potential resurrection is welcomed news.

At the New York Hosing Conference’s forum, during a conversation on a recent report detailing “overhousing” (people living in larger units than they actually need) in New York City’s public housing, Ms. Patton said, “This administration will and does intend to keep and fund evidence-based programs that work, such as the potential resurrection of the 202 program, which will allow for new construction to help address some of the overhousing issues that our overcrowded [public housing authorities] face in this region.”

The Administration’s next budget request to Congress, for fiscal year 2019, is expected in the spring. A resurrection of the 202 program’s new construction abilities, would be a welcome counterpoint to the Administration’s requested deep cuts for the 202 program in fiscal year 2018, which the House and Senate have thus far rejected.

LeadingAge has met with HUD and the White House’s Office of Management and Budget in 2017 to impress upon them the urgent need to expand resources to build more homes, with services, affordable to seniors with low incomes.